“This isn’t like your dad’s Airstream”, commented one of our recent musician guests. “I mean, who would imagine red carpet and white leather upholstery? Wow.”

A “Wow” Experience

Our company began purchasing and customizing Airstreams for event use in 2014. All of our Airstreams are newer models or brand new from the factory with state-of-the-art technology.

Once an Airstream is delivered into our fleet, our design team customizes it so that it is a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10. All Airstreams in general are beautiful on the outside. But the interiors can be very unique. Each Airstream in our fleet is a one-of-a-kind showplace that delivers the “WOW” experience.

Our business model is to offer Airstreams exclusively as hospitality suites and greenrooms. We do not offer any of our suites as campers and no one is allowed to transport our suites except our highly trained logistics staff.

Equally as important as our customized Airstreams is our company’s mission and ability to deliver a 5 star experience to our clients who rent our suites and to their guests who use our suites. We live by the motto “Make it happen for the Client”.

Our company also offers highly trained concierge staff that are available to the client and their guests. Not only are the concierge staff knowledgeable about the operation of the mobile suite, but, they are happy to provide an array of services from making cocktails and light meal preparation to standing guard at the mobile suite entry to restrict access according to the guest’s instructions. Our concierge staff often times serve as the liaison between the event production staff and the guest who is occupying the mobile suite. Our concierge motto…. “It’s all about the guest”.

No matter what your event, public or private, large or small,
we can provide the ultimate in luxury on-site mobile suites and services.